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News Flash!

The Americas Glass Association (formerly CGA) is offering a new method of critical information to you our valued member. This method of communication will take the place of the Connection and the Glazing Magazine and will be used to bring you vital information to aid in making good business decisions.

FRAMELESS SHOWER DOOR:  The links found below are documents that have been compiled after three and a half years of negotiations, research and testing by the Frameless Shower  Door Task Group, formed by the California Glass Association, now the Americas Glass Association.

  • Frameless Shower Door Brochure Order Form
  • IBC ammendments
  • Rationale for ammendments
  • Tests
    - Hinge
    - Deflection

Training Texts / Manuals
Americas Glass Association has a complete selection of industry recognized and accepted Training Texts and Manuals. Membership has it rewards here also with significant pricing advantages for the supplies you need.

Training Texts include: Glass & Glazing; Glazier I, II, and III Manuals and Modules; GANA Glazing Manual; and FGMA Sealant Manual.

"The Original" Mirror Manual and Instructor's Guide; and Mirror Care Kits.

News and Information
Important industry information will automatically be sent directly from the AGA office via e-mail, to all participating members and Building Officials.

If you are not a member or Building Official and would like a copy of any of these current news items, they can be purchased by calling the AGA office.

AGA's Official Publication
USGlass Metal & Glazing
The magazine of influence for glass industry leaders.

Glazing and The Connection
CGA's official publication, Glazing (September 1987 to December 2005) has retired along with The Connection Newsletter (June 1999 to October 2005). Copies of articles are available by calling the AGA office.

The Source
The Source™ is an Interpretation of the codes and Standards for Safety Glazing for the 1997 Uniform Building Code™. The Americas Glass Association is proud to offer this quality publication designed for the glazing contractors, plan checkers, building inspectors, architects and code specifiers.

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Codes / Construction Laws / Resources
Code Publications include the Uniform Building Code and supplemental CPSC Regulation.

Other Publications include Company Policy Manual; 2002 California Construction Law; Lien Notice Packages; and Forms on Disk.