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The Fire & Safety Glazing Council was organized to meet a growing need for a better under-standing of and education in the complex glass and glazing industry.

The Council’s goal:
“To promote the development of codes and standards for fire and safety glazing and to educate the participants in the design, construction, and inspection of all buildings to ensure life safety.”

The Council is a division of the Americas Glass Association (AGA), formerly known as, the California Glass Association. It’s extensive work is well known to Building Officials through its glazing codes interpretation, “the SourceTM.”

What sets the Council apart from other industry standard setting groups is its voting composition. The make-up of the steering committee represents a broad spectrum of the building industry. Dominance by manufacturers in other industry and standard setting groups, has often led to biased standards and building codes.

The following categories of the steering committee Members insures equal representation to develop guidelines, code, and expand education.

  • Building Official
  • Consumer Advocate
  • Contract Glazing
  • Design Professional
  • Door & Window Industry
  • Energy Consultant
  • Fire Marshal
  • Fire Glass Manufacturer
  • Glass Association (AGA)
  • Glass Distribution
  • Institutional End User
  • Insulating Glass Fabrication
  • ICC
  • Laminated Glass Fabrication
  • NFPA
  • Tempered Glass Fabrication
  • Testing & 3rd Party Certification
  • Storefront & Curtainwall Manufacturers
  • Window Films

The end result will be a code that is easier to follow by the glazing industry, plan checkers, and inspectors.

Partners in Code Development

The following groups will significantly benefit from the Council’s efforts:

Building Officials

The Council’s primary audience includes Building Officials and members of their staff by enlisting their support and participation in amending the IBC with new code and clarification of existing code. Requests for seminar presentations can be made to the Council directly.

Communication will be made through e-mail bulletins and seminars to ICC Chapters which will be offered at no cost throughout the US.

Contract Glaziers

The glazing contractor (a subcontractor) is the real expert who must adhere to the IBC building codes and design specifications. Glazing contractors provide the final testing ground for all glazing products. When the design spec is not in accordance with building code, it is the responsibility of the glazing contractor to notify the general contractor, architect, or owner of a required change. The Council’s objective is to certify installers to field glaze fire-rated
glazing products, to assure that the manufacturer’s procedures are being strictly followed and therefore reducing the completed product’s liability.

Education to contract glaziers is done through Email bulletins and regional seminars throughout the US. A Fire Glazing Installer Certification program is also in the works.

Design Professionals

Often there is a delicate balance between design and code compliance. The Council will focus on both parties to establish a positive relationship and work through situations when the spec does not meet all codes and laws. The code is not intended to stifle creative design, but to preserve life safety....the Council believes that both goals can be met.