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New York City isn't just crowded because of tourists–there are over 1.4 million car owners that live in the city, and unfortunately, there are also a number of vandalisms.

Your windshield and auto glass are integral to your safety–as the experts at http:/// share in this quick video. Most people don't know that their auto glass comprises up to 60% of the total strength of your vehicle.

Not only that, but it also keeps your vehicle insulated, makes your vehicle more aerodynamic, and gives you a safe way to view the road against the elements and road debris. When you have damage bigger than a quarter, it's time to get your windshield replaced ASAP!

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New York, the city of dreams!

You’re known for the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Broadway, and some of the best street food choices in the US, amongst other things. Outside of your more tourist-driven sites, you’re a mecca for business, deep cross-cultural history and art.

You’re also widely known for how crowded you’re bustling city can be! In fact, there are more than 1.4 million car owners in New York City!

And with having so many people in close quarters, you’re bound to have a few restless individuals looking to make trouble.

In April 2015, there was a dedicated vandalism effort in New York City, in which over 100 cars were found with broken windows. There was no property stolen… This was just a group of vandalists looking to destroy for fun.

This is truly unfortunate, as replacing auto glass can be costly… And if your windshield is damaged, it’s absolutely necessary–not just for vanity and comfort, but for your safety.

Your auto glass is essential to your vehicle’s overall strength–an essential part of your vehicle’s structural integrity!

When high quality, properly-installed glass is installed in your vehicle, it can help you survive up to 3 consecutive roll-overs, as well as hold up to 1.5 times the vehicle’s total weight.

Not only that, but auto glass helps you avoid poisonous pollution, and helps your car’s aerodynamics–which at the end of the day means overall better gas mileage.

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