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Windshield Repair Video Marketing Online Internet Ad
Orlando FLorida, USA

Windshield Repair Companies, and mobile windshield repair companies, video marketing gets new customers. They are mobilie optimized and rank high in the search engines. When looking for windshield repair, especially in an emergency, people get on their cell phone, and call the first listing that

shows up. Video ads will make you that plumber.

Just starting your Windshield Repair business? You need video. It is way more affordable than cable ads or radio ads. You can put them on your website, facebook page, and everywhere else.

Even if you have an established Windshield Repair Companies business, internet video ads will keep you a head of the competition.

A video ad will definitely help your PPC campaigns by engaging potential customers. 97% of people will watch a

video. Google ranks your ad based on how long a click through stays on the page. So a 30 second video gets your

ranked higher. Google also charges less for each click the more people click on it and the longer they stay. So get
video and go mobile.

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