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On this video, I will fix a rock chip on my wife's windshield. It is a star type of a chip which is very prone to expanding especially if there is a change in the weather.

It is best to fix this type of ding before it turns into a full blown crack. So, I went to my local autozone and got me a windshield repair kit by Permatex which costs around 15 dollars and change.

Amazon sells them cheaper and here is the link:

Permatex Windshield Repair Kit -

This is the plunger type of fix which I'm familiar with. I had a lot of success on these in the past. So we will see if it will prevent cracking in my wife's windshield.

Everything that you need for the repair is in this kit...we have the plunger, the adhesive disk, curing film, the pedestal, alcohol wipe, the resin, a blade and a push pin and the most important one...the instructions 😉

First off you need to use the push pin to clean up the chip and make sure no loose glass or dirt in and around the area. Cleaning it up and will also make sure that the resin will go in and penetrate in the crack or in the chipped area.

Next, we will use the alcohol wipe to clean the area. You can use a glass cleaner to but with the alcohol wipe, it will dry it faster.

Next , we will put the adhesive disk..any side will work. Peel off one side and make sure you center the hole on the ding itself like so and also keep the tab part on top. Mush it in to have a good contact seal on the windshield.

Then, we will peel off the other part so as to expose the adhesive and this is where we are going to align and put in our pedestal. Rub it in to make sure we have a good adhesion and seal.

Next part, we will be putting in the resin so we need to put a rag just below our work area so to catch any spills later on. We will squirt most of it but not all on the hole in the pedestal.

Next, we will push in our syringe making sure we have a good seal and with one hand holding the syringe and the other pulling out the plunger, pull and lock the plunger on the first notch. It will create a suction that will pull out all the air in our crack. We will hold this position for 10 minutes. As you can see, there are bubbles inside the plunger while it is pulling out all the air.

After 10 minutes, the instructions says to pull out the syringe for a few seconds and push it back in the pedestal. Now, this time, we will push down on the plunger and lock it on the last notch, we have to wait 20 mins so that the resin will penetrate and fill in the dings and cracks.

After 20 mins. we will pull out the syringe.
Peel off the pedestal and the adhesive disk and make sure you have a rag or a paper towel to catch the excess resin.

Next step is to squirt the remainder of the resin on the area and place the curing film on top making sure there are no air bubbles. We are going to get the vehicle outside where the resin will cure under the sunlight.

After a few hours under the sun, we will now take off the film and scrape off the excess dried resin with the blade that is provided in the kit.

We just need to clean up the area and just spray with glass cleaner and wipe it clean.

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