permatex windshield repair
Here's Austin Mobile Glass performing mobile windshield chip repair in Lago Vista on site, at the customers address on two vehicles. We fixed a number of chips, cracks, dings and pits in these windshield. The Cadillac windshield had one really big combination break (bullseye/star break) and a smaller bat wing style chip. Both filled in well which reduces the visibility by 80-90%. The Chevrolet windshield had a lot of damage, about 8 impact points overall. 3 of the chips were actually cracked with lines extending from the impact area, the others were just pits that didn't actually crack the glass. For the pits we use a stronger pit filler that reduces the visibility quite a bit. The other spots were "drilled and filled." Overall the Chevy Spark windshield repair turned out well for the considerable damage.
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