repair windshield chip
"email to manager: My experience with Safelite is not a good one. Im hoping we can resolve this without going to court. I would appreciate your help in this matter. Thursday Aug 19th. I called to order a new windshield for my 1985 Ramcharger you had one and would come next day Aug 20th to install. The tech came and proceeded to kick out my cracked windshield from the inside of the vehicle. Glass went everywhere. The integrity of the windshield seal was compromised and loosened and pulled out. He then tried installing the new windshield into an old shrunken compromised windshield seal. When it wouldn't fit he broke the windshield forcing it into the old seal. I used to work in a body shop and saw many windshields replaced. During his time here he mentioned his truck was out of gas and he didnt think he could make it to a gas I ended up giving him a gallon or two of fuel so he wouldn't be stranded somewhere. That was the end of the first day. On the second day a different tech showed up. He too refused to install a new seal and tried to force another new windshield in. Same as the first guy he broke windshield forcing it in. I told him again it needed a new seal due to the first guy kicking windshield out and pulling seal away from frame and the fact that it was a 30 year old seal and had shrunk considerably. So now I've lost 2 days and he said he would order a seal and someone would contact me. He left vehicle incapable of driving with windshield half installed so i would be unable to go to work until it was fixed. This was Friday the 21st of Aug. After no one called me back I called them and they said they would have to order the seal and they couldn't install it till Wednesday the 26th the time needed for new seal to arrive. The techs were more concerned with getting in and out than doing a proper job and installing the new seal it needed and I requested. I explained the first tech kicked out windshield to remove it and compromised the old seal. The second tech finally agreed after breaking second windshield it needed a new seal. On the 26th Aug my appointment was from 8-12. They showed up at 1:30. This time it was two of them. The second guy that broke second install and someone else. I was expecting a new seal to be installed since that was what they waited 5 additional days for and finally I would have piece of mind that it was done correctly. Well the third guy decided he would have a go at it and not use the new seal that I waited an additional 5 days for without a vehicle to drive. (they said they had new seal with them if it needed it) This really upset me as Ive already lost 5 full days and I walked away and went inside. I also missed a Doctors appointment that I cant be seen for another month. I asked why the new seal wasn't being installed. He said it didn't need it. He said the windshield had been replaced before. That is a flat out lie! I watched the first tech pull the decorative locking trim out and it was original to the vehicle and had shrunk a little over 3 inches.... that should have told the first tech right then it needed a new seal. Why wont they just install a new seal? Just rope it in.....So after a couple hours of messing around trying to stretch old seal they got it in and left a corner with a big gap where rain and moisture will get in. It would have taking just as long if they did the job correctly instead they fooled around for 2 hours forcing the 3rd new windshield into the compromised shrunken seal. Well back to the first guy. Broken pieces of windshield everywhere in driveway big shards. I finally go to take a run to the store because I haven't had groceries in almost a week and I get a piece of glass stuck in my brand new tire that resulted in a flat tire in my driveway. I had just installed the new set of tires around the 4th of Aug. I called Immediatly to start a claim and was told supervisor was on vacation till the 31st of Aug.... well who was left in charge ? Please help!!! Below are pics of the shrunken seal they left as a finished job that will only allow water in to rust and leak and when it freezes It will expand and crack windshield. I just want the job done correctly. Also a pic of the windshield glass in one of my new set of tires that I had just got installed Aug 4th or so . And a big shard of glass I found after I got the flat around techs work area. I told tech I had dogs and didn't want them cutting their feet. He said he cleaned it all up. Please send someone here and have them do the job correctly..."

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