windshield scratch repair kit
RV Windshield Repair Scam (RVliscious S01E20)

Yes. It happened. Unfortunately. We got ourselves scammed by what probably is one of the oldest tricks in the good old scambook. The parking lot rv windshield repair scam. Never buy into the sales pitch from the dude you know for five seconds who walks up to you on any random parking lot (or other area for that matter). Yeah. We know. Stupid right. It happened. We feel sheepish, so please learn from our rookie rving mistake. The RV is our fulltime home. We should learn to treat it like that!

Our campervan is insured for windshield damage. So far so good. But not all windshield repair buddies are covered by our insurance. As we found out the hard (expensivy) way, Our insurance insists that we have our windshield repaired only at their approved windshield repair buddies repair shops. (This we only learned -googled- after the fact.) So that doesn't include shady windshield repair buddies you usually find with a tent on any random parking lot. It could have ended worse, he also tried to sell us a new windshield, at least we had the audacity to say no to that. Yet, we still feel pretty bad. and madsad 🙁
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