car windshield crack repair
Not sure how to repair a windshield? This video is the ultimate guide to fixing a rock chip or other windshield damage.

In this video you'll see our windshield repair kit. We put this together after struggling to find an affordable, durable kit for our retail locations. You can learn more and buy our kit here:

In this video we take you step by step through fixing a windshield. From drilling the pit of the windshield, placing the bridge, injecting the resin (with tips and tricks to injecting the resin), sealing the pit, to smoothing the surface of the windshield.

If you have any questions about performing a rock chip repair on a windshield, you can contact us at

You may also learn about our windshield repair program where we take care of all the insurance billing and paperwork so you can get paid more while offer your customers a free service. More info at