windshield seal repair
Canada is a country of diverse weather, which can make windshield repairs difficult to perform under certain conditions. We go over the three key factors that play into windshield repair - the humidity, the UV index, and the temperature. Performing windshield repairs in extreme weather or under the wrong conditions, can cause splits or crackouts that can compromise the shield to the point where repair may no longer be a viable option. Understanding these environmental factors of windshield repair, will allow you to understand how to create the optimal environment to produce a professional windshield repair of the highest quality.

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Clear Solutions Canada has been serving windshield repair technicians since 1984. Our technical service personnel have decades of windshield repair experience. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about windshield repair or auto glass repair.

Our goal is to enable technicians, consumers, and businesses to repair windshield chips in-house.