best windshield repair kit
Ever wonder how it gets done?.. well.. Here's how, Thanks Phil From P&A Auto Glass.. NOTE: Due to the Conflicting comments on youtube on " how its supposed to be done" Im putting a note here saying that I am not a Professional Glass Installer. I do NOT specialize in thise Field. I took it upon myself to ask for Permission from this glass Installer to Video Record his Process. I am Neutral on this Method and I do not have the Experience or know how on the " proper way" to install the windshield. Im soley going off the Information Given to me by this Professional Installer. This Video is For entertainment purposes, and to show the world and my Subscribers how a Installer out in the Field removes a Windshield. As far as this being " the Proper way" I dont know. I am not a Glass Installer. All I can say is the Job was a success, He was never called back as far as I know for a warranty repair. ENJOY THE VIDEO, YOUR COMMENTS and INPUT ARE WELCOME.