best windshield repair kit
GT Tools® GT.38 Special 20V reciprocating auto glass cutting tool incorporates the latest advancements and is a first for the industry. Ideal for Mobile Glass Repairs and Car Windshield Repair.

The .38 Special has been engineered for weight, durability, power, and battery life. Make no mistake, this GT Tool is like no other, with a unique compact design that packs a punch as it slices urethane at over 2,900 strokes per minute. The .38 Special’s short profile is ergonomically designed to offer more controlled cutting along the “A” pillar and dash. Because of its short design some technicians even report painless headliner cuts! Once you use it, you won’t want to put it down! The .38 Special works with GT Tools® sheath blades and other industry recognized late model blades.

Where to Buy:

GT Tools®
264 Davidson Creek Rd
Durango, CO 81301

(1) 20V .38 Special reciprocating tool
(1) 3x12 blade
(1) 20V Battery
(1) 110V charger.