crack windshield repair
At some point in your life you will probably have to deal with a crack or chip on a windshield of your car. This can be especially costly when it happens on a classic car or show car.

It's so important to take care of windshield chips before they spread and you are looking at a full windshield replacement which can run into the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

I got a windshield chip on my classic show car so I headed out to McHenry Auto Glass in Modesto, California to get it repaired and looking as good as new.

The men and women at McHenry Auto Glass have the decades of experience to repair the difficult windshield chips like the ones on classic cars and in difficult locations.

You can contact McHenry Auto Glass by calling 209-578-1100 or stopping by in person Monday through Saturday at 529 McHenry Ave. in Modesto, California.

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