mobile windshield repair near me
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The 36021 Ez-450d Mobile Pro includes all the same great features found in our other windshield repair Plus a lot more. The has resin, polish, razor blades, and a plethora of additional equipment not included with any in its price range. Best of all, you save when purchase this value packed top of the line from Delta Kits. The enough supplies to complete up to 200 repairs. Part numbers in 10000 B250 Bridge with I-100 Injector (two), 12210 End Seals (four Pkgs of 5), 14000 Dremel Model 7300 4.8v, 15010 12v Lightweight Uv Curing Lamp with 9' Cord, 22001 Spring Hammer with Depth Gauge, 22130 Centering Tool, 22200 Nylon Stick, 22465 Dust Blower, 22250 Thick Lay Flat Tape (one ft Roll), 22255 Tabs of 100), 22275 Glass Inspection Mirror with 3x Magnification, 22420 Industrial Strength of 22430 Chip Savers of 22435 Cleaning Jar and Cap 6 oz, 24430 Moisture Evaporator, 22440 Safety Glasses, 22470 Steel Wool for Removing Hydrophobic Coatings, 22460 Straight Pin, 22480 Pit Polishing Cork, 23015 Hood Protector, 24350 Battery with Charger, 26020 Tapered .047 Carbide Bur of 26030 Round .039 of 30001 Magnibond with Droppers 15 ml Bottles), 30280 Premium 7 ml 30400 7 ml 33000 Comprehensive High Defintion Training Dvd, 35000 Custom Foam Fitted Toolbox.