how much does it cost to repair a windshield in this video we're working on 12-14 Toyota Camry with no condensation sensor (just a regular glass FW3485). The molding is an interlay molding from the manufacturer so there's no need to charge extra for the moldings. You can CAREFULLY cut out the interlay molding first and use the cold knife once again CAREFULLY on the top and sides (the space around the windshield is very tight be extra careful). The bottom can be done manually by hand with a pipeknife and or an extractor. If you chose to use an extractor all the way around because you think it'll be too tight for a cold knife, make sure you have another installer with you spotting you to make sure you don't lose control of the blade. You have to be extremely careful with primer placement as well due to the tight space around the windshield and underlay molding. In terms of difficulty this car is a seven in a scale of one to ten. Two people need to be working on this car at all times (even though one person could do it by him or herself). The tight quarters is what makes everything difficult. You really have to be under control while removing the glass, after that it really shouldn't be difficult what so ever... Clear Shield Auto Glass, your Auto Window Replacement Near Me specialist.

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