windshield wiper repair
Shattered cell phone screen? Can't afford a repair or new phone? Transform your phone in just a few minutes with a "windshield" style repair. It's not perfect, but makes the phone usable and safe until you can replace it. Here's how: Buy an inexpensive plastic adhesive resin kit with a mini Ultra Violet flashlight (search for "UV Adhesive" in Then... 1.) Mask all holes, buttons, lenses on the front of your phone. 2.) Carefully remove your old screen protector, if you have one. 3.) Blow fine glass particles away. 4.) Apply liquid resin, like RapidFIX, liberally. 5.) Give it a few minutes to absorb fully into all cracks. Try to force the resin into stubborn cracks, using your finger or a soft flat piece of plastic or rubber material. 6.) Wipe away excess, thoroughly. 7.) Harden with Ultra-violet flashlight. 8.) Apply new screen protector like "InvisibleSHIELD" by Zagg, which is flexible and has a thick layer of adhesive which helps fill the slightly uneven surface of the repaired screen. Search for InvisibleSHIELD on Clear Packing tape may work but could destroy your work if you make a mistake and try to remove it. 9.) Enjoy your repaired phone! It may not be perfect, but now you can wait until your current contract expires.