PA windshield repairs
Auto Glass Specialists
Midvale, UT.

Auto Glass Specialists understands how crucial it is to have a strong windshield that is properly installed. The windshield of your car provides structural support to the cabin of your vehicle, and in an accident, plays a key role in protecting you and your passengers.

In a front end collision, the windshield provides up to 45% of the structural integrity of the cabin of the vehicle, and up to 60% in a rollover! If a weak windshield pops out of place during an accident, there’s no barrier between you and the pavement or incoming debris. A strong windshield that has been soundly installed protects you by allowing airbags to deploy correctly, preventing the roof from crushing in during a rollover, and keeping you from being ejected from the vehicle in a serious collision.

We are meticulous about our windshield installations to ensure your safety. When we install your windshield, we provide:

Mobile Service. We come to you!
Durable materials. The Original Equipment we use meets or exceed all pertinent Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
Strong Adhesive. We are certified to by DOW Chemical to use their adhesive system (which is used by auto manufacturers at the factory on 90% of domestic vehicles and 60% of foreign vehicles).
Best Installation Practices. Our technicians follow the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard.
Lifetime Warranty. As long as the windshield we installed is in your car, we guarantee the materials and workmanship to be free of defects.

Many auto glass companies like to boast about how fast they can perform a windshield replacement. While our technicians at Auto Glass Specialists work efficiently, we know that installations performed in a rush result in sloppy workmanship, shortcuts, and compromised safety for you and your vehicle. Poorly done windshield replacements can even lead to extensive rust corrosion damage underneath you’re newly installed windshield. While it takes more time to do it right, you’ll be grateful you had it done correctly the first time!

Keep your vehicle safe by having your windshield replaced by the experts at Auto Glass Specialists. Call us at 385-245-9989 to schedule or request a quote.