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Car Glass Windshield Repair Kit Chip Crack DIY Glass Repair Tool Set

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Car Auto Glass Windshield Repair Kits Chip Crack DIY Glass Repair Tool Sets
1. To prevent holes or cracks widen, to ensure traffic safety.
2. Without dismantling, avoid bad seal and replace damaged vehicle glass.
3. Reduce waste glass, comply with environmental trends.
4. durable repair and restore the original strength of the glass, improve the appearance, clarity of up to 95-.
5. DIY self-repair, on-site construction, repair quickly and save time.
6. For you save money of replacement glass.
7. Prevents damage spread.
8. Allows anyone to fix a damaged windshield or window.
Name- Auto glass Repair combination
Color- Black
Material- Resin - PVC
Repair liquid-
Using the highest purity repair liquid to ensure the performance of your construction after construction, no crack, no yellow and transparent better.
Repair range-
Car windshield, window glass, building glass, all kinds of glass damage.
Step 1- Clean the damaged place, ensure no water vapor in the damage place, at 45 ° C the glass surface will help repair resin infiltration.
Step 2- The center of suction cup bracket is aligned at a damage place and fixed.
Step 3- Pressure rods, injection hose
The pressure rod is inserted injection pressure hoses, screwed in the end the Ministry.
Step 4- Drops 2-3 repair liquid at the injection hose
Step 5- The injection hose bracket screwed to ensure white rubber head against the glass -Note- You can not let the rubber head deformed, so that the resin does not bleed out-
Step 6- Removed the pressure rods, you need to slow in this process, to form a vacuum process.
Step 7- After removing the pressure rods and then drops 3 drops of repair solution at the injection hose.
Step 8- Tighten the pressure rods, can not twist in the bottom. general distance the bottom 1 cm , then hold for about 1 hour.
Step 9- Removed plastic injection device and immediately drop a repair liquid at the repair place.
Step 10- Paste the Solidify film, then use the razor blade scrape several times on the Solidify film, so that the layer becomes thinner, it can help to Solidify.
Step 11- Removed the mend part to the sunshine place Irradiated 10 minutes -only covering with the cured film can be use-. After curing scrape off the excess glue.
Package Included-
1 X Plastic Injection Bracket
1 X Plastic Injection Device
1 X Pressure Rod
1 X Repair Filler
1 X Blade
2 X Cured Film

The Car Glass Windshield Repair Kit Chip Crack DIY Glass Repair Tool Set fully converges to the elements of high quality standards