glass windshield repair
Video not sponsored. I bought and paid for everything in this video with my hard earned money.

So I was looking for a Nexus 5X for my mom and found someone that had was selling theirs for and stated everything works with exception of the cracked screen. I bought the phone and tried to use a windshield repair kit to fix the screen. I selected Permatex as it was one of the best rated products on Amazon for windshield applications. I discuss the experience in this video.

One step I did not show in the video was cleaning loose shards of glass from the screen before cleaning it. I used clear packing tape to remove loose glass.

If you want to purchase a replacement screen for your Nexus 5X, here is a good one. The screen works great so far.

If you want to repair your windshield the kits work great for that.
Permatex Repair Kit

Here is a mini screwdriver set for basic electronic repairs