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In this video i go through what you should look for when looking to have your BMW Auto Glass replaced.

Hi it's Monte with Just wanted to answer a question that I get asked pretty often; "Should I use the BMW dealer part in my windshield replacement on my new BMW? You're asking the right questions and you're right to think about this because there are many substandard brands of glass out there and you definitely don't want to put on of those in a new vehicle or in a BMW.

Usually if you take a look at your windshield you'll see that there is a manufacture printed on that windshield there beneath the BMW logo, those are referred to as OEM manufactures. So, for BMW you got several different companies that manufacture glass including PPG, Pilkington, Securit and many others.

So, as long as you're buying windshield that's manufactured by one of these companies, then it's going to have all the right sensor options and the brackets should fit well and the quality should be up to that standard that was set originally, because they're coming out of the same factories that manufactured the dealer part. Also sometime you have more features and options in a non-dealer part. For example, Pilkington manufactures some windshields that has a feature known as easy cool, which reduce the UV rays coming into the car..... (cont.)