how much does it cost to repair a windshield
See how to stop windshield cracks and chips that come from rocks flying up and damaging your auto glass. Travis Lamb from 3M Automotive shows us how to properly repair windshield chips and cracks while also stopping them from spreading any further. Unless you properly treat the damage to your auto glass, the small chips or cracks can spiderweb across the entire windshield.

All necessary components are included in the 3M Windshield Repair Kit. First, take the bridge first and simply attach the 2 suction cups. Attach the bridge over the area that needs repair making sure the channel is located directly over the actual chip or crack. Look through the channel to make sure you are properly positioned over the auto glass. Next spin the top of the channel in order to get a better seal. Next take the dropper and pull out some of the adhesive. Then take that resin and drop it down into the chamber. The adhesive will go down into the rock chip and cracks. Next there is a piece that when used will drive the resin down ensuring the material gets pushed through.

Let the adhesive sit for a few minutes. Next pull off the bridge and set it aside. There is a piece of clear film that is supplied in the 3M Auto Glass Repair Kit that should be set on top of the area that will spread the resin out. The final step entails moving your car into direct sunlight in order to cure the resin.

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