how to repair windshield crack
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ATG Window-FIX – the revolutionary window repair set by ATG

Perfect visibility on the street is the most important requirement for a safe trip. Damages to the windshield impair your view and should therefore be repaired immediately. This will keep the damage from spreading. It will also help you avoid expensive auto body shop repairs or exchanging the windshield.

For the perfect view

✔ The repair set fixes all types of stone chips up to Ø 2.5 cm in the laminated glass (e.g., in cars, trucks, campers)

✔ Fill the cracks in the windshield with the special injector

✔ Give your windshield new stability

Please note: Repairs in the driver’s field of vision are not allowed! The 14-part set includes:

· 1 x 2 ml UV resin (special resin)

· 1 x resin base

· 1 x resin injector (syringe)

· 1 x cleaning pin

· 2 x adhesive seal

· 5 x finish foil

· 1 x razor blade

· 1 x cleaning cloth

· 1 x instruction manual

Easy to use:

1. Remove all glass splinters from the stone chip.

2. Fix the adhesive seal with the opening above the damaged area. Then remove the red foil.

3. Stick the base to the seal and fill it with ¾ of the special resin.

4. Work the area and be sure to closely follow the instructions in the enclosed manual.

5. Remove the base and excess resin with a sharp object.

6. Drip the remaining resin onto the stone chip opening and place the transparent film on it.

7. Let this area dry and then remove the film and excess material.

Note: Read the enclosed instructions before use.

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